Our Process

Each partner at Agility Group maintains an in-depth knowledge in individual areas of focus through ongoing subject matter analysis and networking with numerous professionals.  The in-depth perspective we have developed enables us to conduct a granular assessment of professionals to ascertain their individual capabilities and strengths.

For our clients, this allows precise targeting of candidate profiles and identification of the unique candidate intellect that will drive their business. 

We are highly focused on specific specialty practice areas; we are not a generalist firm. We are committed to and passionate about our structured recruiting approach, which leverages our specialized recruiting methodology and unique networking, sourcing, and interviewing techniques. Prior to any knowledge of client need, we network daily with current and emerging leaders who are not actively looking for career change, but nonetheless have exceptional capabilities to offer if the precise opportunity arises.  The amount of time and energy saved, because we don't need to "get up to speed" on the intricacies of the skills and experience needed for a particular position, results in quicker response time and more targeted results.

What we do:
  • We thoroughly develop a profile of the desired candidate by working closely with the client team.
  • Based on the profile, we source and screen candidates to provide a group of qualified individuals using our specialized recruiting methodology. Unlike most firms, this is not a preset amount of screens. We continue until we are confident we have a pool of motivated and qualified candidates.
  • We conduct a final round of interviews and evaluations to determine the best candidates to present to our client.
  • We coordinate and manage the interview process according to the protocols or wishes of our client.
  • We facilitate feedback to both parties during the entire process, ensuring a smooth and accurate flow of information.
  • Upon a final decision by our client, we handle negotiation and closure on behalf of the client.
  • Once an offer is accepted, we maintain constant communication with all involved parties to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • We communicate with our clients after the placement and throughout the year, not just when we are actively engaged in a search. This keeps us in touch with changes and upcoming plans and allows timely response to client needs.